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Ultimate Web 2.0 Guide – Rank with Web 2.0’s Easily!!

Web 2.0 guide

In this post I will discuss about what are Web 2.0 and how can backlinks from Web 2.0’s help to rank a keyword.

Let me first clear that making links from web 2.o is a Grey hat technique, so there is a little risk involved in it, but it is very helpful to rank micro niche sites.

What are Web 2.0?

Web 2.0’s are blogging platforms which lets you to blog for free as you get a subdomain and not any personal domain name.

It may look like: / or it maybe any other web 2.0 platform.

How to create Web 2.0’s?

Its very easy. Use your email and just create accounts on several web 2.0 platforms.

Why to create web 2.0?

As I mentioned that they can help you to rank small niche sites easily, and also it is free to create web 2.0 than why not to take profit of that, that is why we create web 2.0. Creating web 2.0 is super easy so lets take profit of it and rank a site. As simple as that.

How to use web 2.0 and boost your ranking?

You need to start with creating accounts on some web 2.0 networks, I will provide web 2.0 creation sites list below.

After creating some web 2.0 sites, start writing your niche related articles, containg some images and make sure that they are long enough and provide some quality information to the users and also keep in mind that never leave a web 2.0 with a single article, that may not help you because new updates by google focus on quality content. Other than the main article try to write at-least 5 more articles on web 2.0 which will definitely increase the Page Authority of your web 2.0, as they are sub-domains from authority sites the Domain Authority automatically increases for your web 2.0. You just need to focus on content for your web 2.0.

Now when it come to linking your web 2.0’s to your main site do not link all web 2.0’s to your site in a single day, even 1-2 web 2.0 links a day a enough. Also remember that while linking never keep the Anchor text same in all your web 2.0’s, use different keywords and start linking when your web 2.0’s are atleast 7-10 days old. Even you can link in different ways, for some web 2.0’s use text and for some use images. Links form web 2.0 will also help in increasing Page Authority on your main site.

What and how should be the anchor text ratio?

As I mentioned above that anchor text ratio should be less than 30%, you should use Long tail Keywords also. And do not place the anchor text at the same place or position in all your web 2.0.

You should also use naked URL in some web 2.0’s just with root domain.

What is the ideal number of words in web 2.0 articles?

An article should have atleast 500 words, because recent Google updates focus more on content quality. So make sure you write articles of atleast 500 words.

Should I interlink my web 2.0’s?

Better not to link all your web 2.0’s with each other, just keep giving social shares for all those and link only towards your main site. Google Plus and Facebook are the best for social signals.

Can I use spun content on web 2.0?

I would suggest you to write original content, I never used spun content for my web 2.0 but anyways if you have lack of time than you can use spinned articles just for filler content, manage to write original content for main article of your web 2.0 from which you are going to give a link to your main site.

Are web 2.0’s still useful?

Yes, they are still very powerful, good web 2.0’s can really help you to boost your site rankings.


  • Do not keep the anchor text ratio higher than 30%
  • Keep link building slow and steady.
  • Use text as well as images for linking.
  • Never keep a web 2.0 with a single article.
  • Write original content.
  • Use your keyword in web 2.0 domains.
  • Use different themes and CMS for web 2.0’s.
  • Start linking after they are atleast a week old.

We have also provided best web 2.0 creation site list below

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