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What are dofollow backlinks? 8 Easiest ways to get them !!

dofollow backlinks

Basically there are two types of backlinks from which one passes link juice to your site and help you rank your site and the other one just gets you traffic from that site depending on its popularity.

These two are:

  • Dofollow Backlinks
  • Nofollow Backlinks

Dofollow Backlinks:

Dofollow backlinks are the one which pass the link juice to your site and let Google crawlers follow the link and index the page. These type of links (quality ones) help improving your ranking to the linked articles for specific keywords.

NOTE: For ranking in Google quality of backlinks matter than quantity of backlinks.


Structure of Dofollow links:

<a href=”” rel=”dofollow”> keyword </a>


<a href=””> keyword</a>

What are advantages of dofollow backlinks?

  • As dofollow links pass the link juice to your linked page it helps you rank that page on google.If you have more number of quality dofollow backlinks from your competitor than you can outrank them with an ease.
  • Quality backlinks also help in improving the authority of your site.

Nofollow Backlinks:

Nofollow links do not pass any link juice to your site and do not allow search engine crawlers to follow your site. These type of links do nothing other than bringing traffic to your site.

These links do not help in boosting your site ranking.

Structure of Nofollow links:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”> keyword </a>

SO are nofollow links useful?

Yes these links can be useful, suppose you get a nofollow link for your site from any site which is very popular it will result in bringing huge traffic to your site which is anyway beneficial for your site.

And it is even more beneficial if you have done internal linking for your article which lets the visitor visit more of your site pages which also helps in lowering the bounce rate.

Getting huge traffic is the reason many people do wikipedia dead link building. Though you get a nofollow link from wikipedia but it brings traffic to your site.


NOW how to get dofollow backlinks easily in different ways?


1. Commentluv:

The easiest way to get dofollow links is search for Commentluv blogs which are relevant to your niche.

You just need to search on Google “commentluv blogs

And  you will get many sites providing massive lists of commentluv blogs.

Now you just need to pickup blogs similar to your niche which have good DA and PA and start commeting. Do not make excess of backlinks, you can rank with only few backlinks if the are of high quality so make backlinks from sites with high DA and PA, this will help in boosting your ranking.

2. Guest posting:

This is the most common way of getting contextual backlinks for your site.

What you have to do is write a good quality article of your niche and submit it to a blogger of that niche or similar niche. When your article gets published You get a contextual link from your article pointing towards your site.

3. Web2.0 Method:

In this method what you do is create a free site of your niche on or and write an article on it and give a contextual dofollow link to your desired page on your site. You can create many web2.0’s and link them to your site.

4. Social bookmarking sites:

Social bookmarking is the way of getting quality backlinks as well as good amount of traffic to your site.

Top 10 social bookmarking sites

5. Directory submission:

Submitting your link to high PR directory submission sites can really help you improving your site ranking in SERPs.

You can get massive list of high PR directory submission sites, you just need to search for “High PR directory submission sites”.

Just submit your link and get a backlink.

25 Best Directory Submission sites


6. HARO:

HARO is short form for “Help a reporter out”.

You can get awesome backlinks from HARO.

Just Signup to HARO from here.

You will get 3 emails everyday, respond to them with a quality article and you get a backlink. Easy enough..


7. Replacing broken links:

This is a time consuming process but its worth of it. You need to search for different authority sites and analyze their backlink profile with tools like ahref and find broken/dead links, when you find such link just write a related article on your site and than contact the owner of that site and inform him/her about the dead link asking them to replace it with your link. In this way you get a quality backlink.

8. Through Infographics:

Way one: It is Similar to guest posting. You create infographics on a topic for your site and then write an article also on that topic which you submit to a blogger of similar niche and when article gets published you get contextual backlink to your site.

Way two: if you can create infographics than submitting them to some infographics directories can give you dofollow backlinks.

Creating infographics is not as difficult as it seems you can easily create infographics with,, for free.

6 Awesome infographics submission sites

NOTE: do not make too many links to your site in a single day. Making 5-10 links a day is sufficient.

I mentioned some of the easiest link building strategies above, if you liked what you read do share it on your social profile and if you have any doubt, comment and I will surely help you regarding that.





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  • Really good stuff Harsh. I love me some DoFollow links 😉 By making friends, guest posting and commenting effectively on blogs you can rack up some sweet DoFollow link juice.


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